Working at Ecosystem

Trust at the Center of the Company’s Success

At Ecosystem, each member of the team is given the freedom to express their talents and question conventional methods so that projects can be taken even further. The trust placed in each employee lets them be creative, develop innovative designs and think differently. Working at Ecosystem, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills, contribute to major projects in promising niche markets and go beyond your role to get involved in rewarding special projects. Your achievements and those of others will be recognized and highlighted. What are you waiting for?

A Close-Knit Team

As Founding President André Rochette is fond of saying: Ecosystem is shaped by its people. The team is the backbone of the company. We work together, we collaborate with exceptional partners, we carry out projects as an integrated team. Our common goal: the best possible results. We work in a friendly atmosphere that encourages knowledge sharing, collective thinking and an agile workflow. And this spirit of camaraderie often materializes into sharing a beer on Friday or playing a game of street hockey.

Professional Mobility Opportunities

Feel like shaking up your routine? Ecosystem promotes mobility among its employees and encourages them to work in its various offices. Sometimes opportunities also arise in unexpected places outside of our offices! Whatever the nature and length of a project, Ecosystem’s management and human resources team provide personalized support to employees and their family: moving, accommodations, professional support for the spouse, immigration, taxation, insurance, etc.

Open to your Personal Projects

Besides your professional ambitions, do you have a personal project such as travelling, building your own house, taking part in a sporting competition or pursuing studies? Ecosystem is open to your aspirations and will consider your personal projects. We can come to a tailored win-win agreement so that you can realize your dreams while we keep your talent on board. Work and life are both important, but the most crucial part is balancing the two!

Coffee, Picnics, Vacation Time

Working at Ecosystem means enjoying several benefits: free (and good) coffee, generous vacation time, competitive wages, insurance, flex time, in-house training, happy hours, sporting events, picnics, the annual gathering, conferences and more!

Join our Team

Take a look at our current job opportunities. We are always on the lookout for new talent. If our current opportunities don’t match your profile and interests, feel free to send us a spontaneous application. We appreciate it just as much!