William Floyd UFSD

William Floyd UFSD

Among a field of highly qualified entrants, Ecosystem Energy Services was selected as William Floyd UFSD’s partner of choice to perform a districtwide implementation of energy conservation measures on a performance contracting basis. The district’s evaluation committee said that Ecosystem was the “most competent, experienced, and cost-effective firm.”

The project focuses on achieving the highest level of energy savings and delivering substantial positive cash flow year on year. All systems and equipment will be standardized for ease of use and service. The existing CHP system will be expanded to tie in adjacent schools, maximizing the use of waste heat throughout the year. William Floyd is committed to maintaining an open platform of nonproprietary equipment, which suits Ecosystem’s vendor-neutral practice.

  • 2017-2019

    Project Period

  • $1,647,832


  • $1,249,818

    Annual savings

  • $24,072,000


Customized Performance Measures

Air handling unit upgrade

Unit ventilator replacement

Domestic hot water upgrade

Chiller replacement

Optimization of the existing CHP

New CHPs

IT energy management system

Building envelope upgrade

Controls and building management system upgrades