Ecosystem to Conduct Energy Audit for Mineola Union Free School District

The Mineola Union Free School District has appointed Ecosystem as the energy services provider to proceed with a comprehensive energy audit (CEA) at the district’s five schools. In July 2015, the district issued a public request for proposals (RFP) for a Phase 3 district-wide energy project. The chosen Energy Performance Contractor is to provide design and implementation services for the schools and to guarantee the recovery of contract costs from energy savings over a maximum term of 18 years. Continuer la lecture “Ecosystem to Conduct Energy Audit for Mineola Union Free School District”

Interview with Sylvie Barbeau, Project director

Sylvie, you’ve been doing energy efficiency projects at Ecosystem for 10 years. What were you doing before that?

SB – When I started university I wasn’t sure what profession was right for me, so I did a year of general studies at the University of Montreal. I learned about art history, genetics, criminology… I took a lot of courses, and figured out that I wasn’t interested in learning off by heart. I’d rather rack my brains. So I registered at the Polytechnique Montreal in mechanical engineering. I knew it would open doors for me. When I graduated, at first I had a little difficulty finding work, partly because I had only done one internship. I went to Trois-Rivières for a job in quality assurance with Marmen, which does machining and welding for large pieces of metal. I worked with components for hydroelectric dams. Out of 350 employees, perhaps 10 of us were women. It was a real factory. I had to tell experienced men what they were supposed to do or not do.

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