Is Steam Still Right for Your Campus?

Historically, steam has always been easier to produce than electricity — burning fuel to evaporate water is much simpler than exciting electrons. For this reason, most buildings built at the beginning of the 20th century were developed around steam distribution. Today, many university campuses are a testimony to this heritage. Continuer la lecture “Is Steam Still Right for Your Campus?”

Revised ENERGY STAR Scores Are Out – How Did You Do?

Updated ENERGY STAR scores were released on August 26, after a long-overdue revision of the scoring baseline. For many real estate sectors, the current 2003 data set used for benchmarking was replaced by a 2012 set that reflects the fact that buildings have steadily become more energy efficient. For NYC buildings, the new scores are doubly significant. Local Law 33 mandates that the ENERGY STAR score will be the basis of the NYC letter grade, which will be posted by every entrance from 2020. Continuer la lecture “Revised ENERGY STAR Scores Are Out – How Did You Do?”