Pillar 2: Insight into the Whole

Conventional retrofit projects too often proceed as though one building system has no influence over another – contractors work in their own narrow sphere. For example, a solar company advocates for photovoltaics, a lighting company for controls that save energy. But who makes clear that the level of investment in one will directly affect the level of investment needed in the other?

IEPC avoids such compartmentalization and waste by taking a whole-building approach. The team begins by analyzing the building’s energy profile. The findings help ensure that all improvements work together for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The project proceeds in a logical sequence, based on the interrelationship of systems, the age and performance of existing equipment, and the range of subsidies and incentives available.

By taking into account the building as a whole, industry professionals can customize the retrofit and account for any unique challenges. This fine-tunes the overall performance in a way that just replacing individual equipment cannot.

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