Pillar 5: Well Begun is Half Done

The old adage “well begun is half done” proves particularly true when dealing with equipment that has a 25-30 year shelf life. Building systems are expensive. Getting a retrofit right, from the start, can save millions of dollars.

Consider this scenario: A building’s annual energy costs are $3 million. The retrofit design fails to identify maximum energy savings—say it uncovers 23% rather than the possible 35%. The result? The building owner ends up paying $7.2 million more on energy than is necessary over 20 years.

Given the large amount of money at stake, IEPC puts strong emphasis on design and feasibility studies. Industry professionals work closely with building operators to gain a deep understanding of the building and to verify any available analysis and performance data.

Industry professionals that undertake conventional building retrofits tend to limit the design and feasibility phase to reduce costs. But IEPC does the opposite. By putting extra time into early discovery and planning, IEPC achieves more accurate estimates, and greater cost control and savings.


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