Geothermal Loop in Goyer Lake

Since last summer, the Patriotes School Board and Ecosystem have been collaborating to reduce the school board’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by upgrading 26 schools. The project will decrease energy bills by 39%, generating $960,000 in annual savings. Greenhouse emissions will drop by 2,455 metric tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent of removing 1091 cars from the road.

As part of this project, Mont-Bruno Secondary School will benefit from an innovative energy efficiency measure. Due to its strategic location near Goyer Lake, it will become one of the few schools in Quebec to use an open-loop geothermal system to meet its energy needs. Continuer la lecture “Geothermal Loop in Goyer Lake”

Toronto Community Housing: 11,300 lbs of new equipment

Residents at 710 and 720 Trethewey Drive in Toronto, Canada, can now enjoy more fresh air and better heating in their buildings, thanks to the recent installations of new condensing boilers and air handling units. This work is part of the TowerWise Retrofit project, funded by The Atmospheric Fund, which will upgrade seven Toronto Community Housing buildings, currently home to over 1,200 residents. The project aims to reduce energy consumption by 20%. Continuer la lecture “Toronto Community Housing: 11,300 lbs of new equipment”

Olympic Park Targets High Energy Performance

An energy efficiency project is underway at the Olympic Park which will reduce operating costs by $1.3M per year and greenhouse gas emissions by 57%.

The Olympic Park’s electromechanical systems are undergoing major upgrades with the goal of dramatically reducing energy bills, eliminating energy waste, and optimizing systems so they meet real needs without overconsuming. Continuer la lecture “Olympic Park Targets High Energy Performance”

CAE – Leaders in Energy Efficiency

CAE dared to think differently. Faced with an aging HVAC system, CAE could have simply replaced their equipment with more of the same—instead, they chose to take this opportunity to rethink their systems and opt for a project that generates guaranteed long-term value. And their decision paid off. With highly efficient systems, not only has CAE’s energy bill dropped, they were also recognized as industry leaders for their energy efficiency initiative.

On May 17, CAE received a Leadership Award from CIPEC (Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation). Continuer la lecture “CAE – Leaders in Energy Efficiency”

Laval Youth Center: Model Project Wins Energy Efficiency Award

The Laval Youth Center (Centre jeunesse de Laval) and Ecosystem are proud to have received recognition for excellence in energy efficiency. The project impressed the judges at AQME—Quebec’s association for energy management—who named the project winner of an Énergia award in the category of existing institutional buildings.
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COP21 & The Price of Efficient Buildings

Typical contracting methods favor the lowest bidder. If the building sector continues to operate this way, we cannot expect the built environment—currently responsible for 1/3 of global greenhouse gas emissions—to make gains in efficiency. Why? Energy efficiency adds upfront costs during construction, even though it’s highly profitable in the long term. Those who choose to build efficiently position themselves as contributors to a better world, both environmentally and economically.

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