Construction Project Engineer

Essential Responsibilities

•In all circumstances, ensure compliance with best practices in health and safety on site.
•Adopt an unconventional approach to site management and use creativity to improve budgets and timelines.
•Evaluate the actual site conditions and find solutions to perform the work unobtrusively.
•During the entire implementation process, act as the project’s “gate-keeper” and the primary contact for all stakeholders.
•In collaboration with numerous Ecosystem colleagues involved on a project, reexamine all investments and question every dollar to be spent.
•Master all aspects of an energy performance measure before committing to implementing it.
•Stay attentive to client needs and meet tight financial parameters.
•Establish a high level of collaboration with subcontractors, leverage solutions they propose, and share innovations with the team.
•Organize meetings to validate that the implementation meets our standards and to problem-solve for potential issues.


•Relevant bachelor’s degree (mechanical, structural, electrical)
•2 to 5 years of relevant experience
•Advanced level of English
•Mobility for projects across Quebec
•Knowledgeable about HVAC systems (an asset)
•Mobility for projects abroad (an asset)


•Ability to command respect (particularly regarding OHS regulations)
•Excellent communication skills and ability to develop interpersonal relationships
•Keen interest in understanding energy ecosystems
•Resourceful and versatile self-starter
•Strong leadership skills
•Reliable and punctual
•Excellent sense of planning and organization

Compensation and Benefits

You will hold a full-time position at Ecosystem. We create a stimulating work environment for motivated individuals, making it a place where brilliant ideas are nurtured and innovative designs overcome today’s energy conservation challenges.
Ecosystem is an equal opportunity employer offering a competitive compensation package including health insurance. We encourage a healthy work-life balance and offer flexible schedules.
We will supply a smartphone, laptop, work uniform, boots, helmet, and safety goggles.