Site Supervisor

Are you skilled at juggling priorities and passionate about customer service? Are you completely familiar with occupational health and safety issues on site? On-site supervision could well be a good career choice for you with Ecosystem. In this position, you will manage and supervise multi-million-dollar project sites. You will be responsible for compliance with labour standards and health and safety on construction sites. You will be making a major contribution to these projects as you will be present on site every day months; you are the person responsible for identifying any problems or concerns.


  • Brings excellence in health and safety to every project site and ensures that best practices are respected.
  • Maintains control over construction activities to ensure the work progresses as planned.
  • Ensures a positive client experience by minimizing inconveniences caused by project implementation.
  • On a daily basis, verifies the quality and conformity of the work against the plans and specifications.
  • Eliminates inefficiencies in onsite work organization by conveying a holistic vision of the project to stakeholders.
  • Establishes a climate of collaboration with all subcontractors and mediates when necessary.
  • Acts as the construction manager’s eyes and ears when this person cannot be present on site.


  • Experience in site supervision/construction
  • Knowledge of building mechanics and construction
  • College diploma in building mechanics (or other relevant education)
  • Blueprint-reading skills
  • Knowledge of occupational health and safety (ASP card)
  • Basic computer knowledge (Word, Excel, e-mail)
  • Experienced in mediating multiple stakeholders on-site especially in high-pressure circumstances
  • Understands the importance of client satisfaction

Qualities sought

  • Resourcefulness
  • Independence
  • Sense of initiative
  • Conflict resolution
  • Good organization and priority management skills
  • People skills


  • Columbus, OH