Our Employee Promise


We shine
An ideal work dynamic for brilliant minds.


We take a fresh look at things
Uncommon solutions, novel ideas, revisiting conventions through a fresh set of eyes.


We never give up
Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities to go farther and do better.


We are true to ourselves
We have solid foundations: our business model and values are etched in our DNA.


We are bound together by strong relationships
A close-knit team that brings out the best of everyone’s talent, fuels ingenuity, and celebrates our successes together.


Our differences make us stronger
We rarely do the same thing twice. Our projects and technical challenges are diverse, and we value each person’s unique approach and skillset.


We have latitude to make bold moves
There is more than one way to reach a goal. We have the freedom to take initiative and forge the best path.


We thrive on results
We eliminate inefficiencies from energy ecosystems and also from our work methods. High performance is second nature.