Accelerating my career

Joanne Whyte, Construction Manager in Toronto, ON

Describe your typical day at work in a few sentences.

My time is spent on site, managing construction projects, but when I am at the office, I’m busy calling subcontractors, scheduling work, updating schedules, keeping clients informed and preparing request for tenders for upcoming work. When I’m on site, I’m meeting with contractors, reviewing the scope of work, overseeing work that needs to be done, and meeting with clients.

When did you join Ecosystem and what is the one thing that appealed to you about the company?

I started at Ecosystem in July 2019. The fact that all the projects have an energy and sustainability focus is what appealed to me the most. I am excited about the prospect of getting to work on large-scale projects that have a positive impact on my community.

Ecosystem is an innovator. Is there an innovative component to your work?

When it comes to the construction phase of projects, there is always an opportunity to be innovative by finding better or more efficient ways of getting work done. At Ecosystem, we aren’t shy about improving our processes, or the products and services we acquire. The bottom line though is that we must be open-minded and vigilant at the same time to incorporate new ideas which help solve our clients’ needs.

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