Creating value for clients and communities

Vedant Chittlangia, Project Engineer in Boston, MA

Describe your typical day at work in a few sentences.

The bulk of my time is spent on developing energy models for the project I am currently working on. A typical day involves supporting my colleagues in completing the technical portion of the RFP, researching and applying for incentives, vetting equipment, and attending a design meeting with the client.

When did you join Ecosystem and what is the one thing that appealed to you about the company?

I joined Ecosystem in March 2018. I take pride in the fact that our projects help save the planet by reducing GHG emissions, all while creating value for our clients.

Ecosystem is an innovator. Is there an innovative component to your work?

I like the unique solutions we create for our clients. We are always looking for something more than the base scope to develop a holistic approach to a project, that is often one that generates greater value for both the company and the clients we serve. I think that the way we integrate different aspects of the project in order to look at the bigger picture helps us to find greater opportunities in energy savings. Energy recovery for us is a norm, but this certainly isn’t the case elsewhere in our industry.

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