Designing win-win scenarios and outcomes

Seth Koczerginski, Design Engineer, New York, NY

Describe your typical day at work in a few sentences.

In a typical day at work, I work on multiple projects at various stages of development, while bouncing around complex ideas with a fun bunch of engineers in the New York office.

When did you join Ecosystem and what is the one thing that appealed to you about the company?

I joined Ecosystem in 2014, after my post-university travels. Ecosystem’s great appeal for me was the opportunity to work in new markets. Having applied for a position in my hometown of Toronto, Ecosystem’s offer for a position in New York (with a short lay-over in my college-town, Montreal) was a delightful surprise.

Ecosystem is an innovator. Is there an innovative component to your work?

In my work, I look to develop solutions that tackle the client’s base needs while benefiting all of the projects’ stakeholders and their greater community. Finding the center of that Venn-diagram is what drives my innovation in each project. The complex nature of our clientele in a region with continuously evolving energy policy and strict building codes demands our innovative thinking.

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