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Réal Cournoyer, Optimization Coordinator in Montreal, QC

1. Describe your typical day at work in a few sentences.

Given my diverse responsibilities, I’ll describe a typical work week instead. One of my main responsibilities is to keep track of my projects that are currently under construction or in the optimization phase. I observe and analyze controls and mechanics remotely through automated building systems. Often, adjustments in programming and operation are needed to achieve energy saving goals. I keep my communication channels open with the client to continuously inform them of my findings and provide energy saving measures.

I also regularly visit buildings to adjust mechanical equipment as required. I work with clients on-site to train them on maintenance.

For projects where the control system is of high-importance, I support the Sales team in the proposal development stage. I evaluate the costs of the control system and participate in the presentation of our proposal to the prospective client.

Lastly, I participate in management meetings to represent the Optimization team and assess resource requirements for upcoming projects across all offices. I subsequently divvy up tasks and projects among our team members; I also act as a technical expert answering questions and directing queries to specialized resources. I take part in the recruitment process as well.

2. When did you join Ecosystem and what is the one thing that appealed to you about the company?

The people! Those who worked here when I joined and those who are still here. One year before I was hired, I was a full-time subcontractor on Ecosystem projects. Working with Ecosystem, I met extraordinary and passionate people. I decided to leave the company I was working for after 22 years, where I was among the 10 (out of 350) senior employees with lots of opportunities ahead of me. Instead, I opted for change. Fast-forward to 2019, I still believe I made the right decision.

3. Ecosystem is an innovator. Is there an innovative component to your work?

Since we work on existing buildings, we do not always have access to the latest centralized control technologies. So, we have to adapt to what is available… and this pushes us to be more imaginative. Our control sequences are innovative. The methods we use to understand the behavior of energy in a building are unconventional. And, the time we devote to each project is unheard of in a traditional engineering and construction company. This is what sets us apart.

We currently incorporate weather predictions to anticipate heating and cooling needs of buildings. Our next challenge to stay ahead of the curve will entail the application of artificial intelligence technology.

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