Adelphi University

Adelphi University

To substantially reduce its energy bill and environmental footprint, Adelphi University decided to embark on an ambitious asset renewal and energy efficiency project. This turnkey project is currently being implemented, and includes the replacement of
4 boilers, the installation of a 1.99 MW combined heat and power plant, and a major upgrade of the ventilation system in the Science Building. Ecosystem is guaranteeing $1.6 million in annual energy savings and the university’s greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 4,645 metric tons per year.

  • 40%

    Energy Bill Reduction

  • 2015-2016

    Project Period

  • $13.5M


  • $1.6M

    Guaranteed Annual Savings

  • $2.5M

    Guaranteed incentives


Ecosystem developed a streamlined approach for re-engineering the ventilation system to improve operation and efficiency, as well as guarantee code compliance, while keeping implementation costs low.

Customized Performance Measures

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Onsite gas-fueled power plant that generates both electricity and heat for a lower cost and with higher efficiency than energy available from the grid, leading to greater resiliency and energy independence. The CHP system is able to cover a large portion of the university’s energy needs in the case of a major local power outage.

Efficient Hot Water Boilers

Replacing outdated boilers with highly efficient models to provide heat for the campus. This measure was designed in conjunction with the CHP plant for optimal efficiency.