Aero Mag 2000

Increased efficiency from recapturing waste

  • Reduced energy use
  • Operational efficiency: waste to energy
  • Improved O&M
  • Reduced GHG emissions

Aero Mag 2000 specializes in deicing aircrafts and recycling deicing fluid. The company is committed to sustainable operations to minimize the negative impacts of deicing products on the environment.

At Montreal-Trudeau airport, deicing airplanes is a critical procedure for airline safety in winter. Deicers spray ethylene glycol diluted with water to remove frost, ice or snow from airplane surfaces before takeoff. Aero Mag 2000 is the sole provider of deicing at the airport, and before 2018, the company had already completed several projects to enhance safety and efficiency.

To improve energy performance and operations, Aero Mag 2000 turned to Ecosystem to uncover intelligent project opportunities. The company opted for a series of measures: installing efficient heating equipment, heat recovery, installing an ozone water treatment system and optimizing its steam network. These measures combined with new equipment mean that Aero Mag 2000 now emits fewer GHGs and recaptures the spent glycol more efficiently, thus improving productivity.

Furthermore, the financial savings resulting from reduced energy consumption come from more than reduced use itself. Aero Mag 2000 will be eligible to switch to a more advantageous natural gas rate thanks to a lower annual energy consumption. In addition, generous incentives associated with improved performance will help pay back the investment in less than three years.

Customized Performance Measures

  • Installation of condensing boilers
  • Heat recovery
  • Steam network optimization
  • Installation of ozone water treatment