André-Laurendeau College

André-Laurendeau College

At André-Laurendeau College, maintenance issues were becoming increasingly difficult to manage. This was a driving factor in the college’s decision to replace key equipment, including gas boilers and cooling towers.

This proved to be an excellent opportunity to combine asset renewal needs with energy improvements: in this whole-building design, necessary equipment upgrades were integrated in synergy with complementary measures to reduce the college’s energy bills by 32%.

The project is perfectly in line with the college’s ongoing efforts to green their campus. Once construction is complete, greenhouse gas emissions will drop by 403 metric tons of CO2 per year, mainly due to the use of geothermal energy, heat recovery, and a solar wall (photo) to heat the building.

  • 2016-2017

    Project period

  • $3.2M


  • $1.3M

    Guaranteed incentives

  • $225,150

    Guaranteed annual savings

  • 32%

    Energy bill reduction

Customized Performance Measures

Geothermal energy

Heat recovery

Ventilation optimization

Heating equipment upgrade

Installation of a solar wall

Cooling tower replacement

Optimization of chilled water network

Lighting conversion

Optimization and recommissioning of centralized controls

Optimization of booster pumps