Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, New York

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, New York

In summer 2012, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center urgently needed to replace an aging 1200-ton chiller plant after major equipment failures. Ecosystem and Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center collaborated to find a solution to reduce the hospital’s long-term energy and maintenance costs while increasing the available cooling capacity to 1500 tons.

Replacing the equipment proved to be a complex challenge, since the cooling system needed to remain operational and the existing chiller plant was located in a basement with limited access. Ecosystem built a new two-story mechanical room on the top floor of the building to house three new 500-ton chillers. The chilled water distribution system was converted from constant to variable flow, generating energy savings while making it much easier to modulate cooling. All work was carried out without affecting hospital operations, including the installation of the cooling system during the hottest part of summer. Through Ecosystem’s integrated approach to project design and close collaboration with Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, the hospital’s necessary equipment upgrades were implemented for a lower construction cost and within a quicker timeframe than initially anticipated by the hospital, while benefiting from subsidies and generating ongoing energy savings.

  • 2013-2014

    Project Period

  • $3.6M


  • $85,000

    Annual Savings

  • $225,000

    Guaranteed Incentives


Ecosystem specializes in implementing complex projects in occupied buildings, including sensitive health care environments. At the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Ecosystem added a two-floor mechanical room and brought a new electric service through seven floors—including operationally sensitive areas—without affecting the day-to-day operations of the hospital.

Customized Performance Measures:

Efficient Chillers

Installation of new high-efficiency chillers, including one chiller with a variable frequency compressor that modulates based on the actual cooling needs.

Variable Flow Pumping System

Installation of variable frequency drives on the pumps in order to modulate the flow of chilled water depending on the cooling demand.

Cooling Tower Upgrade

Complete refurbishment of the existing cooling tower for improved performance and increased capacity.