• Asset renewal
  • Improved patient welfare
  • Energy cost and maintenance savings

Rapid response to preserve patient care

The largest voluntary, not-for-profit health and teaching hospital system in the south and central Bronx, BronxCare (formerly Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center) urgently needed to replace a chiller plant at its Concourse Division that had stopped functioning. Maintenance costs and downtime were on the rise, and the hospital could not use the existing equipment much longer without compromising the comfort of patients and healthcare practitioners. Moreover, additional cooling capacity would be required in the foreseeable future.

Ecosystem built a two-story mechanical room on the top floor to house three new 500-ton chillers that increased the hospital’s cooling capacity. A new variable flow pumping system now generates energy savings while making it much easier to modulate cooling.

All work was carried out without affecting hospital operations, even though the cooling system was installed during the hottest part of summer. Through Ecosystem’s integrated approach to project design and close collaboration with BronxCare, the hospital’s necessary equipment upgrades were implemented for a lower construction cost and within a quicker timeframe than initially anticipated by the hospital.

Customized Performance Measures

New two-story rooftop mechanical room

Variable-flow pumping system

3,500-ton chillers

New cooling tower

Project Period
Guaranteed Annual Savings
Annual Savings
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