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  • Reduced GHG emissions
  • Campus planning and net-zero strategies
  • Asset renewal
  • Improved O&M
  • SCUP Award – Excellence in Planning – District or Campus Component The Society for College and University Planning 2021

Advancing sustainability and smart asset renewal

Brown University is an Ivy League institution with 10,000 students and a 146-acre campus. In 2008, Brown announced its intent to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2020. By 2016, a focus on thermal efficiency was the final and most important stage to reach the reduced emissions goal. In response, Brown selected Ecosystem to perform a transformational campus-wide energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction project focused on the central heating plant and distribution network as well as building-level improvements.

The project’s energy measures overlap with Brown’s deferred maintenance and utilities master plans while solving asset renewal challenges. When proven viable, Ecosystem ensured incorporation and reuse of existing assets and materials. For instance, Brown had invested in updating its hot water piping network only a decade earlier, and maintaining this network was more cost-effective than replacement. Ecosystem’s engineers also aligned the project to other projects on campus, providing more value at a lower cost.

This project is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 4,700 mTons. Other benefits include significant energy cost savings and water usage reduction.

Customized Performance Measures

Steam to medium temperature hot water conversion

Steam hub conversion

Brown University’s Thermal Efficiency Project

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