Canadian Broadcasting Centre, Toronto

Canadian Broadcasting Centre, Toronto

At Ecosystem, we stand out for our ability to implement complex energy efficiency projects without interrupting the normal flow of activities for our clients, as demonstrated by a major systems upgrade of the CBC’s television and radio headquarters in Toronto.

Despite its recent construction, the HVAC systems of the CBC’s flagship building had numerous problems and were wasting considerable energy. Due to the high number of servers and computers, a significant amount of heat needed to be evacuated from the building. To maintain appropriate temperatures for the broadcasting equipment, the cooling and chilled water systems were running at all times. Both the heating and cooling systems operated simultaneously year-round. Heat recovery was minimal and most of the excess heat was rejected into the atmosphere. In addition, the standard primary-secondary configuration for the chilled water system was poorly adapted to the specific needs of the CBC.

Our integrated project team improved the entire energy infrastructure in several steps, with a focus on redesigning the heating and cooling systems. The building’s energy consumption, which amounted to over 50 million kilowatt hours, was reduced by 25%.

  • 25%

    Energy Bill Reduction

  • 2002-2003

    Project Period

  • $5.8M


  • $1.3M

    Guaranteed Annual Savings


In order to adapt the system to the variable cooling demand while maximizing heat recovery, Ecosystem designed a unique mechanical configuration with two chillers operating in series. The first one draws thermal energy to meet the heating needs (95 °F) while also producing cold water at an arbitrary temperature (between 48 and 54 °F). This water then passes through the second chiller which lowers the water temperature to the set point (42 °F).

Customized Performance Measures

Heating and Cooling Systems Optimization

Redesign of the heating and cooling systems for optimal performance, including the elimination of heating and cooling fighting that arises when air is first warmed then cooled, or vice versa. Heat given off by the radio and television production apparatus is now efficiently recovered and redistributed in the building to meet its heating needs.

Chilled Water Production

By synchronizing the operation of all of the system’s components, the temperature of the water supplied to the building is now constant, regardless of the intensity of the cooling demand. This ensures that the broadcasting equipment is no longer subject to breakage, providing a new level of equipment reliability for the CBC.


Upgrade of ventilation system to efficiently deliver warm and cool air where it is most needed, and maintain appropriate levels of fresh air.

Centralized Controls

Upgrade of systems that enable automatic control of electromechanical equipment in order to maintain occupant comfort and manage energy consumption.