Capitale-Nationale Health Center – Phase II

  • Asset renewal
  • Better management of power demand
  • Improved operational resiliency
  • Removal of R-22 equipment
  • Improved comfort

Decarbonizing, modernizing, and reducing energy consumption

The Capitale-Nationale Health Center has set ambitious targets for decarbonization and reduced energy consumption. As asset renewal was required in several boiler plants, CIUSSSCN launched a major modernization project that would improve the financial, operational and environmental performance of 19 buildings.

To achieve these outcomes, steam heating systems will be converted to hot water and several outdated boilers will be replaced. The use of renewable energies (air-source heat pumps and heat recovery) will reduce GHG emissions, improved ventilation enhancing comfort, while new LED lighting fixtures reduce electricity consumption. Customized integration of measures on centralized control systems will ensure optimal operation for years to come.

The initiative is expected to yield significant financial profits. In addition to recurring annual savings, the project, which benefits from generous incentives and a substantial asset renewal CAPEX, is estimated to have a ROI of less than six years. Better power demand management should also reduce pressure on the Quebec National Grid during peak periods.

Customized Performance Measures

Steam-to-hot-water conversion

Boiler plant upgrades

Air-source heat pumps and heat recovery

Ventilation optimization

Ventilation optimization

Lighting conversion

Project Period
Guaranteed Annual Savings
5.45 years
Guaranteed Incentives
Energy Bill Reduction
Asset Renewal CAPEX
GHG Reduction
Emergeny Room
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