Capitale-Nationale Health Center

Capitale-Nationale Health Center

The Capitale-Nationale Health Center teamed up with Ecosystem to implement an energy efficiency project with the primary goals of reducing the institution’s ecological footprint and upgrading key equipment and systems. This included the addition of heat recovery technologies, a total upgrade of several boiler plants, and heating system conversions from steam to hot water.

Improvements were made in 12 buildings spanning a wide geographical area. Ecosystem has extensive experience implementing projects in sensitive health care environments, and efficiently worked with tight timelines to guarantee full operability in time for the heating season.

The savings generated by the project served as financial leverage to renew aging assets, and the institution’s greenhouse gases are set to drop by 2135 metric tons of CO2 per year once the project is complete.

  • 2016-2017

    Project Period

  • $10.5M


  • $3.3

    Guaranteed Incentives

  • $775,000

    Guaranteed Annual Savings

  • 32%

    Energy Bill Reduction

Customized Performance Measures

Aerothermal energy

Heat recovery

Steam to hot water conversion

Boiler plant upgrade

Conversion to natural gas

Centralized controls upgrade

Water heater installation

Ventilation optimization

Installation of efficient hoods

Rate optimization

Lighting conversion

Electrical infrastructure upgrade