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Sherbrooke University Hospital Center

  • Asset renewal
  • Renewable energy implementation
  • Improved O&M
  • Additional cooling capacity

Deep GHG reductions using renewable energy

The Sherbrooke University Hospital Center (CHUS) is a 1.14M ft2 research and teaching hospital serving 500,000+ people in Quebec. To improve its energy efficiency and reduce its environmental footprint, CHUS partnered with Ecosystem to design and construct a deep energy retrofit.

Ecosystem and CHUS worked in collaboration to rethink the hospital’s heat distribution and develop an integrated solution. A steam-to-hot-water conversion minimized energy loss and reduced natural gas use. It worked in synergy with such renewables as geothermal, solar-thermal and heat recovery to support CHUS’s sustainable development. Ecosystem’s incentive specialists also provided key design input to maximize incentive funding and GHG emissions reductions.

Today, the hospital generates and distributes energy efficiently, recovers previously lost heat, and reuses internal heat generated by daily activities. The retrofit reduces energy consumption by 48% annually, GHG emissions by 60%, and it saves $1.45M+ annually – which can be reinvested into improving patient care and supporting infrastructure.

Customized Performance Measures

Geothermal and heat recovery

Steam to hot water conversion

Ventilation optimization

Chilled water network optimization

Lighting conversion

Water heating optimization

Project Period
Energy Bill Reduction
Annual Savings
GHG Reduction

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