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City of Toronto – City Waterfront Building

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  • Improved Comfort
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  • Energy Efficiency
  • Smart Asset Renewal
  • Top Project Award Clean50 2024

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The City of Toronto set ambitious targets for reducing its GHG emissions. To achieve this, the City committed to a highly innovative project that involves the use of renewable energy. After implementing two (2) preliminary phases of energy improvements at the City Waterfront Building (LED lighting conversion & solar panel installation), the next step involves replacing the heating and cooling equipment.

In order to improve the building’s environmental performance to meet set targets, the entire energy production and distribution design had to be reimagined. The cornerstone of the solution is to use a lake-based hydrothermal system to heat and cool the building. To accomplish this, the City will install a heat exchange system in Lake Ontario, located right next to the building. In addition, an extensive replacement and upgrade of the Building Automation System (BAS) will eliminate waste by managing the energy supply according to the needs of the various spaces in the building.

Once this sustainability project is completed, the hydrothermal system will provide 100% of the heating and cooling loads, resulting in a reduction in natural gas consumption. Automated building management will simplify operations and maintenance, contribute to annual operational savings of $95,100 and improve occupant comfort. The new, more reliable and efficient equipment will use 60% less energy and emit 79% less GHG.

Customized Performance Measures

Lake-based hydrothermal system

BAS replacement, RCx, & standard efficiency measures

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Increase Energy Security, Generate Cost Savings, and Reduce Carbon Emissions. Providing a quality environment for citizens and/or residents is a must for municipalities and municipal organizations. As energy costs rise and infrastructure ages, it becomes a challenge to ensure services are delivered safely and continuously. Municipal managers are also responsible…
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