Domaine-du-Roy Health and Social Services Center

Domaine-du-Roy Health and Social Services Center

Phase II of the project at the Domaine-du-Roy Health and Social Services Center focused on improving the institution’s heating systems. Due to major changes in energy prices and difficulty procuring high-quality wood residues, the management decided to carry out upgrades that included replacing a biomass boiler that had become too costly to operate.

During project implementation, work in 14 mechanical rooms (equipment dismantlement, installation, and commissioning) was performed in record time, ensuring proper operation for the beginning of the heating season. Several plumbing teams worked in synergy to accomplish this goal.

Three health care buildings benefitted from this project. The most significant upgrades were performed at Hotel-Dieu, a sizeable hospital with a surface area over 500,000 ft2.

  • 2014-2015

    Project period

  • $7,200,000


  • $1,200,00

    Guaranteed incentives

  • $663,500

    Guaranteed annual savings

  • 33 %

    Energy bill reduction

Customized Performance Measures

Heat recovery

Condensing boiler plant

Heating system conversion from steam to hot water

Reduced potable water consumption

Ventilation optimization

Addition and optimization of centralized controls

Optimized hot water heating

Lighting upgrade

Restarting efficient kitchen hoods

Off-peak heating