Dream Office REIT

Dream Office REIT

Large real estate companies can play a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Dream Office REIT is demonstrating leadership in this area by setting their sights on achieving certification from LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for their office building at 219 Laurier Avenue in Ottawa. Obtaining LEED certification for their 14-floor office tower requires meeting specific criteria for water efficiency, energy efficiency, and indoor environmental quality.

Reducing energy and water consumption below a certain level involves significant upgrades to the electromechanical systems. Ecosystem performed an in-depth building analysis and proposed a set of complementary measures, with a return on investment period of seven-and-a-half years. Ecosystem is providing contractual performance guarantees that are aligned with Dream Office REIT’s goals for meeting LEED criteria, which provides the real estate company with assurance that they will obtain their certification as planned.

  • 20%

    Guaranteed Water Use Reduction

  • $75,000

    Guaranteed Incentives

  • $827,400

    Guaranteed Cost

  • $100,000/yr

    Guaranteed Savings

Customized Performance Measures

Cooling System Optimization

The existing cooling system was completely optimized, including modulating flow rates, modulating ventilation for the cooling tower, and adjustments to water temperature.

Building Control System

The new automated building controls make it simpler to operate and optimize the building’s electromechanical systems. Precise programming of control sequences ensures that energy consumption is reduced while comfort levels are maintained.

Variable Frequency Drives

New VFDs were installed on several systems and an existing VFD was refurbished, leading to energy savings by modulating the systems to meet the building’s real needs.

Controller Upgrades

The controllers were upgraded on both the induction system and the variable air volume (VAV) boxes.

Water Efficiency

To meet the LEED standards, water consumption needed to be reduced by 20%. Low-flow urinals were installed and over 100 taps were modified for greater efficiency.