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  • Path to Net Zero by 2050
  • Reduced GHG emissions, energy and water use
  • Integration of islanded buildings
  • Future-proofed solution enabling campus growth
  • Improved O&M

Decarbonizing with a district energy & STHW conversion project

As part of its environmental and sustainable initiatives, Humber College developed its Integrated Energy Master Plan (IEMP) in 2016. The plan sets out to reduce institution-wide energy and water usage by 50% by 2034, as well as to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2034, and to 0% by 2050. Since then, various energy efficiency and emissions reductions projects have been implemented, including deep building retrofits, upgrades to aging systems, and projects focused on energy efficiency improvements on campus. The North Campus District Energy and Steam to Hot Water Conversion Project is the next major phase of the IEMP.

Project SWITCH, a collaborative effort between Humber and Ecosystem, will convert Humber’s steam district system to hot water and integrate major islanded buildings; achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions (>2,000 tons/yr) and energy use (20% over business as usual); renew aging infrastructure; simplify operations & maintenance; and scale with future campus growth. Phase 1 of construction (2023) includes the installation of new gas boilers and distribution pumps into the central plant, installation of part of the low-temperature hot water (LTHW) distribution loop, and integration to the new building automation system. Phase 2 (2023 – 2024) includes the installation of heat pumps and the electric boiler in the central plant, completion of the LTHW distribution loop, and integration of the islanded residence buildings. Commissioning and M&V will be completed in 2025.

(Photo credit: Humber College)

Customized Performance Measures

New central plant with electric and gas boilers and heat recovery chillers

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

District energy system connecting islanded buildings

STHW building conversion

Interior heat recovery

Electric steam and humidification

Energy recovery wheels

Project Period
GHG Reduction
2,450 tons per year
Reduced Energy Usage (by 2034)
GHG Reduction (by 2034)
Internal Rate of Return
Energy Savings
Reduced Water Usage (by 2034)
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