Laval School Board

Laval School Board

An integrated energy efficiency project at the Laval School Board improved the energy footprint of eleven primary schools, five high schools, and two vocational training centers. Geothermal fields were installed at the five high schools, which are now being heated by recovered energy. The diverse set of upgrades across the school board included boiler replacement, heat recovery, efficient lighting, systems optimization, and the installation of variable frequency drives.

This deep energy retrofit responded to the client’s desire to maximize both the annual savings and the project’s net present value (NPV). One year of performance follow-up has showed a significant drop in the energy intensity in the 18 buildings, and the greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by 53%.

In addition to impressive improvements in energy efficiency, the project provided an opportunity to upgrade electromechanical infrastructure, leading to simplified management of indoor comfort levels. The Laval School Board was also able to remove outdated and cumbersome oil-driven equipment. Close collaboration between Ecosystem and the material resources department was a key factor to achieving these goals.

  • 29%

    Energy Bill Reduction

  • 2010-2012

    Project Period

  • $14.2M


  • $869,336

    Guaranteed Annual Savings

  • $4.9M

    Guaranteed Incentives

Customized Performance Measures

Boiler replacement

Geothermal energy and heat recovery

Air-source heat pumps

Efficient lighting

Addition and optimization of centralized controls


Optimization of driver systems

Radiant heating