Laval Youth Center

  • Reduced utility costs
  • Asset renewal
  • Improved comfort
  • Reduced GHG emissions
  • Energia Award AQME 2016

Improving occupant comfort through efficient operation

Part of the public healthcare network in Quebec, the Laval Youth Center is a residential center that provides psychosocial rehabilitation services to children under 18. Five aging buildings were affected by high operating costs, an inefficient steam heating network, a deferred maintenance backlog, lack of centralized equipment management, and complaints about comfort from residents and staff.

To mitigate maintenance issues, it was necessary to build a centralized heating system and implement a deep retrofit of the entire campus including a steam to hot water conversion in buildings still heated by steam. Ecosystem designed and constructed a main centralized boiler room and also replaced pumps, heat exchangers, and coils, as well as installing chillers. In the new system, domestic hot water is now also provided by hot water rather than steam.

The Laval Youth Center operates 24/7, and the buildings are secure at all hours. Ecosystem was entrusted with entry and access protocol and communicated continually with facility staff to minimize disturbances during the project.

Annual savings have reached 134% of the contractually guaranteed amount. The Building Owners and Management Association (BOMA) of Canada recognized the project with a BOMA BEST certification for environmental management, performance, and sustainability.

Customized Performance Measures

Steam to hot water conversion

Heat recovery

Hot water optimization

Upgrade to electrical service

Geothermal energy

Aerothermal energy

Ventilation optimization

Grouping counters

Project Period
Guaranteed Incentives
Energy Bill Reduction
Annual Savings
GHG Reduction
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