Lemay Office Building

Lemay Office Building

In downtown Quebec City, the Lemay architecture firm decided to create a new office by completely overhauling a dilapidated building that had fallen into disuse. Their goal: create a healthy and eco-friendly building that minimizes energy consumption and optimizes the use of interior space.

Ecosystem undertook the challenge of designing new high-performance electromechanical systems that are space efficient and discreet, without compromising on comfort. On each floor, several small heat pumps are installed in the ceiling, which circulate fresh air drawn from a rooftop unit. The heat pumps provide space heating and cooling by transferring heat to and from a mixed-temperature water loop. The water loop also provides heat for radiant flooring in areas near windows. LED lighting and low-flow plumbing fixtures were installed to further increase the building’s efficiency.

These integrated systems were designed to minimize the equipment footprint and reduce the size of ductwork, adding more useable square footage for Lemay and other building tenants.

  • 41%

    Energy Reduction vs. Typical Buildings

  • 37%

    Water Reduction vs. Typical Buildings

  • 2014

    Project Period

  • 0.68 GJ/m²

    Energy Use

  • LEED Gold



The electromechanical design took into account Lemay’s criteria for aesthetics and efficient use of space. Ecosystem’s engineers focused on developing systems that were both unobtrusive and high performance.

Customized Performance Measures

Water-to-Air Heat Pump Network

A network of small heat pumps is connected to a mixed-temperature water loop. Heat is transferred from the office air to the water loop in spaces that need to be cooled, and vice versa in spaces that require heating. In the winter, a condensing boiler supplies additional heat to the water loop, and a dry cooler meets the additional cooling needs in the summer.

Thermal Wheel for Fresh Air Preheat

The thermal wheel captures heat energy from the exhaust air and then preheats fresh air entering the building.

Centralized Controls System

The centralized controls make it simpler to operate and optimize the building’s electromechanical systems. Precise programming of control sequences ensures that energy consumption is reduced while comfort levels are maintained. The building operators can see how the building is behaving in real time with a touchscreen.

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