Lévis College

Lévis College

The heating system at Lévis College was overdue for an upgrade. The college’s boilers—dating back to 1970—were consuming too much energy, since they were non-modulating and had twice the capacity the college required. The steam network had significant energy losses and was also overheating the spaces, leading to comfort issues for students and staff.

In a 165-year-old building, revamping the entire heating system is a challenge. It was essential to look beyond conventional asset renewal. A detailed study determined that the college would gain the greatest long-term benefit by changing the way it produces and distributes heat by converting the heating system from steam to hot water and replacing the boilers with high-efficiency models. Installing new boilers also provided an opportunity to retrofit the doors and windows of the historic boiler plant to match the original architectural style.

With centralized controls, the new heating system is simpler to operate, and the boilers modulate to meet the college’s heating needs, bringing increased comfort. The high-performance system is now generating ongoing savings. After these savings pay for the project itself, they will be reinvested by the college to improve student services, contributing to the core educational mission.

  • 2017-2018

    Project Period

  • $118,864

    Guaranteed Annual Savings

  • $396,972

    Guaranteed Incentives

  • 32%

    Energy Use Reduction

  • 31%

    GHG Emissions Reduction

Customized Performance Measures

Steam to hot water conversion

LED lighting upgrade

Addition of centralized controls

Damper replacement in ventilation system

Replacement of boiler room pumps

Replacement of boiler room windows and doors

Asbestos removal

Addition of thermostatic valves