Quintcap Office Building, Brossard

Quintcap Office Building, Brossard

In the Quintcap office building located in a suburb of Montreal, the mechanical systems which dated back to the building’s original construction in the early 90s were lacking in efficiency and becoming increasingly unreliable. Faced with this situation, the real estate developer Quintcap preferred to opt for a solution that could provide additional benefits beyond standard equipment replacement. Remaining competitive in the market and improving their offering for tenants were also central to their goals.

Ecosystem proposed a project able to improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance tenant comfort. This last element—though not directly quantifiable—contributes to Quintcap’s market competitiveness by increasing their ability to attract and retain tenants. Ecosystem’s approach, which includes guarantees for construction costs, energy savings, and subsidies, proved to be advantageous for the real estate developer who wished to have a low-risk investment with a quick return.

For Quintcap, this project was also an opportunity to green their infrastructure, and Ecosystem accompanied Quintcap in obtaining BOMA BESt certification for their office building.

  • 43%

    Energy Bill Reduction

  • $91,300

    Guaranteed Annual Savings

  • $1.22/ft²

    Post-Project Operating Costs

  • $55,600

    Guaranteed Incentives

  • 2015

    Project Period

Customized Performance Measures

Ventilation System Replacement

The new ventilation system was designed with sufficient capacity to meet the building’s current and future needs. The new units run with R-410A refrigerant, replacing the previous R-22 refrigerant which is harmful for the environment. The ventilation system operates at peak efficiency through the use of variable frequency drives (VFDs) and centralized controls, which enable the ventilation system to adjust to the building’s real needs.

Improved Centralized Controls

New centralized controls make it simpler to operate and optimize the building’s electromechanical systems. Precise programming of control sequences ensures that energy consumption is reduced while comfort levels are maintained. Throughout the period covered by contractual guarantees, Ecosystem’s experts monitor and optimize building operations, improving the control strategies in real time in order to maximize project results.

LED Lighting

LED technologies replaced the building’s energy-intensive lighting systems. The lighting is now controlled based on occupancy levels and the use of each space. This lighting upgrade is generating significant energy savings and the long lifespan of the luminaires leads to reduced maintenance.