Rockland Community College

Rockland Community College

Rockland Community College (RCC) is partnering with Ecosystem to perform an $11.1 million energy efficiency retrofit project on the 629,000-square-foot campus. The project will help the College save $558,000 annually and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1,000 metric tons.

The campus was struggling with aging infrastructure that was burdensome to maintain and was overly dependent on costly natural gas. The project will focus on improvement of the existing equipment and operations, energy savings, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ecosystem partnership is an important aspect of the RCC campus community’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Approaching the campus as a whole, the project emphasizes measures that not only bring the most value to the College’s operation as an educational institution and a cultural center for Rockland County but also significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

Benefits include:

  • Addressing deferred maintenance
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Enhanced indoor comfort
  • Comprehensive staff training and student engagement program

  • 44%

    Utility Bill Reduction

  • $558,000

    Guaranteed Annual Savings

  • $1.1M

    Guaranteed Incentives

  • 1,230

    Metric tons of avoided GHG emissions

  • 8.5M


Customized Performance Measures

Combined heat and power generation

Interior and exterior lighting upgrades

Chiller plant and boiler plant upgrades

Building management system

Pump and fan optimization

Computer load management