Soltron Group Inc. - Les Cours Mont-Royal

Soltron Group Inc. - Les Cours Mont-Royal

Les Cours Mont-Royal is a shopping center located in downtown Montreal. The building, dating back to 1922, is connected to two office towers and two residential buildings. Ecosystem carried out an energy efficiency project that involved several measures, including the replacement of a traditional chiller with an energy recovery chiller.

The construction planning proved to be challenging. The mechanical rooms were difficult to access, and it took ingenuity to find solutions to install the new equipment. The building was also technically complex, with multiple ventilation systems that needed to operate in harmony.

After project implementation, the heat produced by a 400-ton chiller is now recovered. A centralized building management system is also in place which simplifies operations for the building’s technical staff.

  • 24%

    Energy Bill Reduction

  • 2014-2015

    Project Period

  • $1.4M


  • $340 210

    Annual Savings Acheived

  • $98,716



2018 Énergia Award, AQME

Customized Performance Measures

Heat Recovery

Improved Pumping

Ventilation Optimization

Installation of Centralized Controls