Timbercreek - 1212 Des pins

Timbercreek - 1212 Des pins

Timbercreek’s rental property located at 1212 Pins Avenue in Montreal was built in the 1970s. The building had frequent operational issues: equipment at the end of its useful life, costly water leaks, and discomfort in many apartments due to inadequate centralized control of ventilation units.

Timbercreek also wished to reduce their energy bill and operating costs.

To meet Timbercreek’s objectives, Ecosystem proposed converting the heating system to natural gas, with heat pumps installed on a mixed water loop. The boilers were also replaced with high-performance models.

In addition to carrying out the work on a tight timeframe, the construction team ensured the experience was positive for tenants. They carefully organized service interruptions to avoid interfering with tenants’ normal activities, and coordinated access to apartments through clear and friendly communications.

Today, the building is equipped with state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical infrastructure. The risk of major breakdowns is a thing of the past, and occupant comfort has greatly improved.

  • $2,141,675

    Project Cost

  • $396,000

    Guaranteed incentives

Customized Performance Measures

Replacement of heating and cooling systems

Boiler plant upgrade

Variable-flow pump installation

Installation of new centralized control system

Upgrade of ventilation systems for pool area and corridors