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Timbercreek Asset Management

  • Outcome-based asset renewal
  • Energy cost savings/avoidance
  • Improved resiliency
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Improved O&M

A global solution implemented seamlessly with deep performance outcomes

Timbercreek’s multi-residential rental property at 1212 Pine Avenue in Montreal was built in the 1970s. The building had numerous operational issues to address: asset renewal needs, tenant discomfort with air quality, water leakage, and expensive energy bills. Timbercreek partnered with Ecosystem on a deep energy retrofit addressing these multiple issues.

Ecosystem implemented the retrofit within a tight timeframe and with minimal disruption to tenants. The construction team used clear and friendly communication to coordinate strategic service interruptions, allowing tenants to carry on with their normal activities and access their apartments at their convenience. The solution itself addressed the building’s entire infrastructure and included new high-performance boilers, a heating system converted to natural gas, and heat pumps installed on a mixed water loop.

Today, the building is equipped with state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical infrastructure. The risk of major breakdowns is a thing of the past, and tenant comfort with air quality has greatly improved. Overall performance has significantly improved with an energy bill decreased by 45% and GHG emissions reduced by 50%.

Customized Performance Measures

Replacement of heating and cooling systems

Boiler plant upgrade

Variable-flow pump installation

Installation of new centralized control system

Upgrade of ventilation systems for pool area and corridors

Project Period
Energy Bill Reduction
Annual Savings
GHG Reduction
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Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Real Estate leaders need results now, not just reports. Commercial real estate leaders are always looking to increase their return on investment. American cities are rapidly moving toward decarbonization. With regulations like Local Law 97 in New York City and BERDO in Boston pushing for reductions in emissions, commercial real…
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