Trois-Rivières College

Trois-Rivières College

Trois-Rivières College and Ecosystem embarked on a project to perform a major overhaul of the college’s HVAC infrastructures. Classrooms were heated and cooled with a single system, leading to discomfort for students and teachers: when the system was in heating mode, all rooms were heated, even those that required air conditioning (south-facing classrooms, for example). Ecosystem installed fan-coil units in the ceiling of each classroom, and a heat recovery system is now redirecting heat from classes in need of cooling to classes in need of heating. The timeline for the project was tight, as all work was completed during the summer months before the new school year began. The college’s energy consumption dropped by 37%, the energy bill was reduced by 29%, and greenhouse gas emissions were cut by 941 metric tons of CO2 per year.

  • 29%

    Energy Bill Reduction

  • 2013-2014

    Project Period

  • $4.8M


  • $269,270

    Guaranteed Annual Savings

  • $2.2M

    Guaranteed Incentives


Ecosystem’s design included passive heat recovery strategies (without heat pumps) and active heat recovery (with heat pumps) to maximize the annual savings.

Customized Performance Measures

Steam to Hot Water Conversion

Conversion of the heating system from a steam system—which is energy intensive and subject to leaks—to a hot water system, which uses less energy to reach the required temperature.

Heat Recovery

Installation of a system that extracts heat from rooms requiring cooling and transfers it to rooms requiring heating.

Aerothermal Energy

Installation of a new heat pump to recover free energy from the outside air to provide indoor heating. The heat pump is reversible and can also provide cooling.


Addition of variable speed drives to modulate air intake according to the actual needs.

Centralized Controls

Upgrade of Building Automation System in order to maintain occupant comfort and better manage energy consumption.


Replacement of older generation bulbs and fluorescent tubes by efficient luminaires providing better lighting quality.