Vieille-Capitale Health Center

Vieille-Capitale Health Center

The energy performance project at the Vieille-Capitale Health Center successfully overcame two hurdles: due to technical considerations, the locations of a geothermal field and a heat pump needed to be changed with short notice. These modifications were smoothly integrated in the project in a collaborative effort between Ecosystem and the Vieille-Capitale’s technical staff.

The center is now benefiting from significant energy savings, equivalent to the consumption of 320 houses, and greenhouse gases have been reduced by 2350 metric tons of CO2 per year.

  • 35%

    Energy Bill Reduction

  • 2011-2014

    Project Period

  • $6.7M


  • $565,000

    Guaranteed Annual Savings

  • $2.7M

    Guaranteed Incentives

Customized Performance Measures

Heat Recovery

Installation of a system that recovers heat generated by electromechanical equipment. This energy that would otherwise be lost is now redirected to the heating system.

Geothermal Energy

Installation of a new geothermal heat pump that transfers heat from the ground to the building during the heating season, and rejects the building’s excess heat into the ground during the cooling season.

Efficient Fume Hoods

Addition of fume hoods with controllable air flow to meet actual needs.


Replacement of older generation bulbs and fluorescent tubes by LEDs, which are more efficient and provide better lighting quality.

Steam and Hot Water Systems

Optimization of these two systems for improved function and efficiency.