William Floyd School District

  • Improved operations and maintenance
  • Improved learning experience
  • Maximized ROI
  • Asset renewal

Energy savings and rationalized systems

When William Floyd Union Free School District began the RFP process to find an EPC partner, it was looking for more than energy efficiency, savings, and reliability. The administration was also looking to capture maintenance savings by standardizing equipment and eliminating steam systems and other inefficiencies.

The resulting project was built in close collaboration with the district, an excellent example of Ecosystem’s integrated design and construction approach where each measure is designed with the other measures in mind. For instance, Ecosystem will redesign the power plant in Paca Middle School and upgrade its electrical infrastructure to serve other district-owned spaces. These upgrades play a significant role in optimizing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment to use more available energy from the power plant. The project also reduces the amount of aging equipment in the district, either by leveraging energy savings for asset renewal or by redesigning systems to avoid the need for certain equipment.

The SED approval process is currently underway. In addition to a 22% reduction in energy use district-wide as well as maintenance savings, the project will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 35%.

Customized Performance Measures

CHP microgrid redesign

High-efficiency boilers

Ventilation system redesign

Controls and BMS upgrades

Project Period
Energy Use Reduction
Annual Savings
GHG Reduction
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