Ecosystem Projects Receive Three Awards

Ecosystem is proud that two of our projects were recently recognized by ASHRAE and received first place prizes for the Eastern Canada region:

  • The Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board won first place for Institutional Energy Management in Existing Educational Facilities.
  • Lakeridge Health won first place in the Existing Healthcare Facilities category.

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Meeting tight deadlines at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic

In early 2020, the COVID-19 crisis took hold of daily life in New York City, and The Bronx Lebanon Concourse Division Campus Hospital, part of the BronxCare Health system, was designated as a COVID facility. Hospital facilities had to run optimally while it was in crisis mode – but the main cooling tower was in urgent need of replacement.
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The NYC Energy Landscape – A Cheat Sheet

The energy landscape in New York City is rapidly changing. As part of efforts to increase sustainability and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, a series of legislative measures were passed that directly affect a majority of buildings. Navigating these new laws can be challenging. At Ecosystem, we are actively helping building owners and managers respond to these new challenges, implementing projects that eliminate fines, improve energy grades, and take advantage of incentive programs to keep costs low. We’ve put together this quick cheat sheet to help you remember some important regulations and how they may impact you and convey this information to your clients. Continuer la lecture “The NYC Energy Landscape – A Cheat Sheet”

Centre for Sustainable Development Wins ASHRAE Award

Even the most sustainable buildings can improve their energy performance. Our project with the Centre for Sustainable Development (Maison du développement durable) in Montreal recently received first place in the ASHRAE Awards for Existing Commercial Buildings Recommissioning – Region II. Thanks to a partnership with Ecosystem, the Centre for Sustainable Development was able to become even more sustainable, reducing its energy use intensity by 35% and its greenhouse gas emissions by 90%. Continuer la lecture “Centre for Sustainable Development Wins ASHRAE Award”

Innovation at the heart of the UQTR project

A focus on delivering outcomes, combined with cutting-edge technological solutions, resulted in a successful deep energy retrofit at the University of Québec in Trois-Rivières (UQTR). This ASHRAE Journal article describes the innovative solutions implemented as part of an integrated design and construction approach, which closes the gaps between design and construction, reducing the risk of costly errors, and guarantees that results are achieved.

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