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Energy Use Intensity Reduction Carbon Readiness Project

This page is an additional resource for the Yale team, providing a repository of our presentation and proposal documents. It is intended to provide you with valuable information.


To achieve significant energy efficiency outcomes, we believe in the value of creating partnerships with all stakeholders from mechanical room to boardroom and beyond. Leveraging the knowledge and skills of all participants achieves superior results.

The Value of Our Integrated Approach

  • Ecosystem’s singular focus on the design, implementation, and optimization of highly efficient buildings has allowed us to build multidisciplinary teams of staff specialized for each phase of energy performance projects.
  • We offer a single point of accountability, and our integrated team has the capacity and expertise to deliver the expected results.
  • Our project leaders are always experienced designers and construction managers. The construction managers join the project when the design is about 30% complete, adding implementation experience to the design process, and our designers remain involved until construction is around 80% complete, to ensure that any on-site changes can be implemented seamlessly.

Proposal Submission for Science Hill Energy Services

Organization Chart

Construction Phase Staffing

Case Studies

District Energy Feature on Brown University

Capturing Existing Assets

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Bob Mancini, Director of Business Development, at 401-808-0589. We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you on this project.

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