Benefit from Integrated Energy Efficiency Expertise

Integrated Multidisciplinary Team

Guaranteeing the value of a project requires meticulous cost control and scheduling. To accomplish this, we have developed extensive in-house expertise and our multidisciplinary team works synergistically to achieve common goals. As a full-service design-builder, we are able to act as a single point of contact for our clients and offer a wide range of expertise.

In-Depth Understanding of your Needs

To reach the performance targets, we must have a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs. Our specialists invest significant time and effort during the design phase to develop a deep and accurate understanding of the infrastructures to be built or upgraded. In order to propose the measures that are most profitable and best adapted to our clients’ needs, we always collaborate directly with the operations staff to incorporate their onsite knowledge.

Innovating to Deliver Exceptional Results

Since 1993, Ecosystem has developed an extraordinary culture of creativity and innovation. To deliver on our ambitious guaranteed performance targets, we must constantly explore new avenues, challenge established practices, and think outside the box.

Continuous Improvement

We treat electromechanical infrastructures as an integrated whole, not as separate entities, and our team continually identifies opportunities for improved systems performance. The measures can be adjusted and enhanced throughout the project, even during implementation, to increase efficiency or productivity.

Over the years, we have developed an extensive database of our past projects. This is an invaluable tool for the continuous improvement of our designs for the benefit of all our clients.

Project Phases

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1. Preliminary Study

Understand Your Needs

To develop a proposal, our engineers begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of your infrastructures, examining the different systems and the interactions among them. Our engineers also learn as much as possible from your operations staff. The goal is to design a project that meets several needs at once while maximizing the profitability of the investment. Ecosystem only submits project proposals once it is determined that the project can generate value for our client. We always back our projects with guarantees that reflect your priorities: construction costs, economic savings, reliability, productivity, comfort, return on investment period, and even reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Design

An Opportunity to Innovate

Ecosystem is compensated based on achieving guaranteed results, not as an hourly wage or as a percentage of project costs. This motivates our engineers to invest substantial time and effort in designing projects that are innovative and high performance. This is also the most cost-effective project phase for the design to change and evolve. To deliver the guaranteed results, our engineers take every opportunity to improve the design and generate greater value.

Our designs are informed by our experience performing deep energy retrofits at over 1000 sites. In addition to designing and implementing these projects, we monitor each project for several years to confirm that the guaranteed results have been attained. This data provides invaluable information and feedback that enables us to continuously improve our future designs.

3. Construction

Seamless Project Delivery and Staff Training

Ecosystem manages project implementation from A to Z. During this phase, our objectives are clear: optimize the systems, generate maximum energy savings, and ensure that your regular activities can continue with minimal disruptions. Our approach to construction planning has proved its effectiveness at over 1000 worksites. Ecosystem follows ISO standards and ensures the work is carried out according to strict health and safety regulations.

Successful project handover is a major factor in achieving the performance targets. Ecosystem offers customized training programs for your operations staff, completely adapted to your needs and your project.

4. Optimization and Performance Verification

Measure and Enhance Performance

The project team optimizes all newly installed equipment until the desired level of performance is reached. In the past ten years, we have tracked performance in over 800 facilities and have attained 101% of guaranteed savings.

Our projects include state-of-the-art control systems for simplified operations and optimization. Our vendor-neutral approach ensures that your project benefits from control strategies that are best adapted to your needs. Our start-up and optimization technicians have advanced knowledge of major brands of controls and provide onsite optimization and remote monitoring to ensure that all systems operate at peak performance.

Meeting your needs

Sustainably Develop Your Infrastructure

Ecosystem’s projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions through efficient energy consumption and green energy solutions.

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Maximize Infrastructure Profitability

Ecosystem turns capital expenses into investments with projects that generate the highest overall value in the long term.

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