Maximize Infrastructure Profitability

Aligning Interests to Deliver Exceptional Results

Ecosystem makes a contractual commitment to each of our clients to deliver on project results.

As the project design-builder, we guarantee performance targets that are mutually established with our clients: construction costs, schedule, savings, incentives, and systems performance and operability.

If the targets have not been reached after one year of performance monitoring, Ecosystem honors our commitment by implementing corrective measures at our own expense or reimbursing the difference. If we succeed in going above and beyond the targets, Ecosystem and our client can share the financial surplus for our mutual benefit.

Our compensation is directly tied to project performance, compelling our team to excel, innovate, and continually optimize the project. Our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients, motivating both parties to work collaboratively to generate the best possible project results.

Turning a Capital Expense into an Investment


Asset renewal projects and equipment upgrades represent a remarkable opportunity to generate genuine value for a facility.

Ecosystem analyzes the infrastructures as a whole to understand the interactions between different systems and to evaluate whether the current infrastructures truly meet the client’s needs. This comprehensive approach to infrastructure improvements can solve many issues within a single project, addressing client-specific concerns such as improving occupant comfort or increasing industrial productivity.

Improving Productivity

Ecosystem helps our industrial clients stay competitive through innovative projects that meet our clients’ priorities: improving equipment reliability, reducing production costs, enhancing the quality of manufactured goods, or finding profitable ways to reuse the heat energy generated by industrial processes.

Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive services for every step of the project and draws on their diverse expertise to craft creative and customized solutions for each of our clients. Our designs continue to evolve throughout the project to generate greater efficiencies. We guarantee project costs, incentives, performance, and systems operability for all of our industrial projects.

Profiting from Onsite Energy Sources

Producing energy directly onsite leads to increased resilience and independence from the grid. The economic advantages of cogeneration, anaerobic digestion, and gasification are well established, and Ecosystem designs customized solutions for buildings, industrial plants, and municipal facilities. All the systems we design and install are backed by contractual performance guarantees.

Ecosystem also excels at designing heat recovery systems. The heat generated by industrial processes, heating systems, and cooling systems is a free onsite energy source which can power other systems or even be sold. Heat recovery can also reduce the quantity of energy consumed and decrease run time for heating equipment.

Enhancing Occupant Comfort

Improving comfort levels for occupants is an excellent way to increase the value of real estate and improve retention rates for employees and tenants.

To resolve comfort issues, Ecosystem proposes cost-effective measures that take into account the interdependence between electromechanical systems. By evaluating the entire building’s energy use, we are able to design building upgrades that improve the indoor environment while reducing energy bills by 30% on average.

Mitigating Risk

Ecosystem’s approach to performance guarantees provides peace of mind before your project even begins.

By offering contractual guarantees, we take on the risk of our ambitious targets and mitigate risk for our clients. Ecosystem’s profitability is ultimately dependent on our ability to deliver results. If we don’t meet or surpass the targets, we reimburse the difference. We even guarantee construction costs, meaning that at no time can we bill our clients for additional expenses.

Project Phases

Etapes de projet_EN

1. Preliminary Study

Evaluate the Potential Profitability

For new construction projects, Ecosystem evaluates opportunities to maximize the long term profitability of future facilities through innovative green design. For existing facilities, Ecosystem carries out in-depth assessments of all systems to identify deep retrofit solutions that meet operational and financial goals.

We assess whether the facilities could be more efficient and profitable, if there are ways to reduce energy consumption and pollution, and whether unavoidable infrastructure expenses can become genuine investment opportunities. When the answer is yes, Ecosystem proposes a combination of energy performance measures, indicating the cost, available incentives, and the financial and environmental benefits that the project can deliver.

2. Design

Confirm and Guarantee the Profitability

Ecosystem and the client work together to establish guaranteed performance targets, which can include project costs, incentives, annual savings, return on investment period, or even reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Employing an integrated approach to project delivery, a multidisciplinary team consisting of Ecosystem’s specialists and the client’s project representatives collaborate closely to reach the common goal of meeting or exceeding performance targets. This ensures the overall profitability of the project. The design phase is the time to innovate, seek out creative solutions, and share expertise, knowledge, and ideas among team members. The time and effort invested in the project prove to be highly profitable during the design phase, since the costs associated with modifying and improving the project are still quite low.

3. Construction

Build with the End in Mind

Once all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the goals and expectations, construction can begin. Ecosystem acts as the general contractor during this phase. We ensure that indoor comfort levels are maintained, client activities are uninterrupted, and the worksite is safe at all times. We have an agile and adaptive approach to managing project implementation, where the project team addresses issues as they arise and makes changes if necessary. Our design can also evolve: if project implementation leads us to see new solutions that will increase profitability, we adopt them without hesitation. This approach enables us to live up to our ambitious performance guarantees and even surpass them.

4. Optimization and Performance Verification Phase

Aim for Optimal Results

Newly installed equipment not only needs to be reliable and high performance, it also needs to be intelligently programmed in order to provide optimal comfort levels, work in synergy with other equipment and systems, and meet long-term profitability goals. Our optimization and controls specialists perform equipment start-up, provide remote monitoring for several weeks, and continually refine the settings where possible. Throughout the contract period, operating bills are analyzed. If the performance targets are not met, we implement corrective measures at our own expense, or reimburse any shortfall to the client.

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Ecosystem is a full-service energy performance contractor that improves electromechanical systems through innovative deep energy retrofits.

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