Sustainably Develop Your Infrastructure

Ecosystem’s projects have a major impact on the three fundamental dimensions of sustainable development: environmental, economic, and social.

Reaching Ambitious Environmental Goals

Our projects contribute to the health of communities and the preservation of ecosystems. Our ambitious environmental goals lead to direct and tangible outcomes:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduced by as much as 80%
  • Significant reductions in fossil fuel use
  • Clean energy production from organic or industrial waste
  • Useful heat energy recovered from industrial processes, heating systems, and cooling systems
  • Energy production techniques that are more efficient and less polluting

Improving the Economy

Our projects contribute to the emergence of an innovative and prosperous economy that is ecologically and socially responsible. Our economic model offers several advantages:

  • Guaranteed annual savings
  • Annual energy use reduction (30% on average)
  • Performance monitoring to ensure that the savings are sustained
  • Training program to improve preventive maintenance practices and increase equipment lifespan
  • Maintenance cost reductions
  • Regional economic development through hiring local subcontractors

Enriching Society

The social dimension of sustainable development aims for social well-being, emphasizing equality, education, community development and resilience, and access to safe and healthy environments. Our projects contribute to the objectives of social sustainability in many ways:

  • Measures that improve indoor environments, including air quality and comfort levels
  • Approach that values the human capital of our clients
  • Awareness campaigns that increase understanding of environmental issues and energy efficiency
  • Training programs that focus on knowledge-building for our clients’ operations staff, ensuring long-term autonomy after project implementation
  • Integrating energy efficiency in educational programs at schools
  • Contributing to community development by hiring local subcontractors

Innovating to Take Full Advantage of Clean Energy Sources

We design innovative measures for buildings, industries, and municipalities that take full advantage of a diversity of green energy opportunities.

  • Combined heat and power (CHP) plants, powered by natural gas, produce electricity and heat buildings with much higher efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions than energy supplied by large power plants.
  • Anaerobic digesters convert organic matter into biogas. They reduce fossil fuel dependency while contributing to the economic development of the communities where they are located.
  • Waste-to-energy projects, such as gasification of waste materials, provide an ecologically advantageous avenue for producing energy.
  • Heat recovery revalues energy that would otherwise be lost, making it one of the most efficient, green, and accessible forms of energy available. Heat recovery reduces the amount of energy to be produced and decreases the run time of heating and cooling Equipment.
  • Geothermal systems transfer heat to and from the ground, in order to heat or cool buildings depending on the season. This free source of energy is entirely renewable.
  • Air-source heat pumps take advantage of free heat energy in the outside air to generate energy savings during the cold season.

Project Phases

Etapes de projet_EN

1. Preliminary Study

Understand the Energy Ecosystem

We view buildings and industrial facilities as energy ecosystems. We assess them in-depth to learn how they work and how the different elements interact: Where does the energy come from? Where does it go? How is it used? Analyzing facilities as a whole enables us to identify energy losses and areas for improvement. Our energy efficiency engineers determine the potential to reuse energy within the system and opportunities to replace polluting energy sources with clean and renewable sources. Too often, energy infrastructures are designed with the simple goal of meeting the maximum energy demand. Our approach is different: we focus on efficiency and sustainable design, employing creative thinking and innovative solutions to meet your needs while reducing your ecological footprint.

2. Design

Shared Goals

Ecosystem guarantees project performance targets. Our company’s compensation is tied to the energy savings results, meaning our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients to achieve ambitious environmental and economic targets. This is why organizations and companies with sustainable development goals find that Ecosystem is an ideal partner. Many incentives are available for energy efficiency projects, and we manage all applications on behalf of our clients.

Each project is designed by a multidisciplinary team consisting of Ecosystem’s specialists and the client’s project representatives who collaborate closely to reach the common goal of meeting or exceeding performance targets. Shared knowledge and outside-the-box thinking are key to identifying opportunities to intelligently use energy resources.

3. Construction

Efficient Worksites

We implement all the projects we design, and vice versa. This is the best way to deliver on our ambitious savings targets. Our construction managers carefully manage the onsite work so that systems are efficiently installed and optimized, with the constant underlying goal of generating the highest energy savings. Our project implementation strategies have proved their effectiveness on over 1,000 worksites to date. We take pride in our health and safety record and we always dispose of construction materials in an ecologically sound manner. We personally train the operations staff so they can be fully independent and maintain the energy savings in the long term. We also develop awareness campaigns geared at building occupants and employees to encourage them to use energy more efficiently.

4. Optimization and Performance Verification

Measure and Enhance Performance

The project team optimizes all newly installed equipment until the desired level of performance is reached. In the past ten years, we have tracked performance in over 800 facilities and have attained 101% of guaranteed savings.

Our projects include state-of-the-art control systems for simplified operations and optimization. Our vendor-neutral approach ensures that your project benefits from control strategies that are best adapted to your needs. Our start-up and optimization technicians have advanced knowledge of major brands of controls and provide onsite optimization and remote monitoring to ensure that all systems operate at peak performance.

Meeting your needs

Maximize Infrastructure Profitability

Ecosystem turns capital expenses into investments with projects that generate the highest overall value in the long term.

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Benefit from Integrated Energy Efficiency Expertise

Ecosystem is a full-service energy performance contractor that improves electromechanical systems through innovative deep energy retrofits.

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