November 29, 2016

38% Energy Use Reduction Planned for l’Or-et-des-Bois School Board

The administration of the l’Or-et-des-Bois School Board (CSOB) recently decided to green their schools through an extensive energy savings project in 23 buildings, carried out in partnership with Ecosystem. This initiative will dramatically improve the energy performance of the CSOB’s aging building stock. Each year, 1418 metric tons of CO2 emissions will be avoided through improved fossil fuel management. The project also provides the opportunity to remove energy-intensive steam equipment and replace boilers that have reached the end of their useful lives.

The investment will be funded by recurring savings and by subsidies from Hydro-Québec, Gaz Métro, and Quebec’s ministry of education.

The CSOB partnered with Ecosystem in October, and the project will be implemented starting in 2017. The following measures are planned:

  • Boiler replacement
  • Heat recovery
  • Heating system optimization
  • Aerothermal energy
  • Ventilation optimization
  • Lighting upgrade
  • Rate optimization
  • Centralized controls upgrade and recommissioning

The measures are designed to respond to CSOB’s unique characteristics. The school board covers a vast territory and the buildings are spread out, so it is essential to be able to manage equipment remotely. Upgrading the controls system will simplify the work for the building operations team, while also making it possible to correct comfort issues.

A communications campaign will be launched to raise awareness among students, staff, and the broader school community regarding the benefits of efficient energy management.

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