January 18, 2021

André-Laurendeau College Wins ASHRAE Award

Our project at André-Laurendeau College recently received an ASHRAE Award for Existing Educational Facilities.

The construction team drills geothermal boreholes at the André-Laurendeau College campus.

The project implemented a cost-effective heating solution for the campus, which consists of many internal zones. Built in 1973, the College’s concrete bloc structure creates a high thermal inertia and heat accumulation in its core. Ecosystem took advantage of this architecture to design a cost-effective geothermal field coupled with an optimized internal heat recovery system. This solution benefits from Quebec’s cheap and clean electricity, while a solar wall preheats fresh incoming air in large ventilation systems. By drastically reducing natural gas consumption (by 89%) and using high efficiency heat pumps, the project resulted in an impressive 78% GHG emissions reduction.

André-Laurendeau College was a self-financed asset renewal project, in which one-third of the investment was financed by incentives and the remaining by guaranteed annual savings.

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