January 14, 2020

Barry Callebaut: Award for Technical Ingenuity Leading to Green and Efficient Processes

On January 13, 2020, Barry Callebaut received the prestigious ASHRAE Technology Award for improving their factory’s performance and environmental impact through an outstanding use of green tech.

Revaluing Waste and Boosting Productivity

This energy performance project, implemented from 2018-2019 at the largest chocolate factory in North America, was recognized by ASHRAE in the category “Industrial Facilities or Processes – Existing Building – Eastern Canada”. The award highlights the project’s technical ingenuity: by using waste as a biofuel, the factory increased its production capacity while lowering its natural gas consumption.

Integrated Delivery, a Driver for Success

An integrated approach made all the difference in delivering a successful project. Barry Callebaut partnered with an outside firm that took full responsibility for design, construction, and optimization. Continuous collaboration between the two teams ensured the new equipment was seamlessly implemented without interrupting chocolate production, while meeting or surpassing all of Barry Callebaut’s requirements.

Congratulations Barry Callebaut!

This ASHRAE Technology Award arrives on the heels of two other awards for the same project, including Innovative Energy Project of the Year from the AEE. Congratulations to the entire team for your visionary approach and leadership in the industrial sector.

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