March 01, 2022

Ecosystem Presents at CampusEnergy 2022

Ecosystem projects were highlighted at two separate sessions last month at the International District Energy Association’s CampusEnergy 2022 Conference in Boston. The path to net zero or carbon neutrality was featured prominently. 

Decarbonization – and district energy projects – can be perceived as substantial problems to solve, not just technically, but also financially and culturally. In our session entitled Deconstructing Decarbonization, Ruth Bennett, Tufts University’s Director of Strategic Capital Programs, explained how to secure financial buy-in for decarbonization initiatives and how to maintain momentum and a focus on action. She spoke with JP Drouin in the recorded version, but Bob Mancini stepped in for the live event. 

Dave Larson, Senior Energy Engineer in Brown University’s Office of Sustainability, highlighted the many benefits of reusing/repurposing existing equipment in Capturing Existing Asset Value: Reuse and Repurpose, speaking with Fred Marchand. 

Because the event was hybrid, we prerecorded our talks and also presented them live. Feel free to check them out. 

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