May 08, 2024

Interview in Newspaper Le Soleil: From Quebec to the Big Apple

Ecosystem’s Etienne Frenette Discusses NYC’s Revitalization and Decarbonization Efforts with Le Soleili

In an interview with Le Soleil,  a French daily newspaper in Quebec City, Ecosystem’s Etienne Frenette sat down to discuss the Quebecois company in the heart of New York.

Speaking with journalist Olivier Bossé, Etienne explained how the company revitalizes buildings in New York City by upgrading their heating and cooling systems and focusing on retrofitting existing large buildings rather than new construction. He detailed the company’s history, its expertise in reducing energy bills and environmental footprints, and its approach to overseeing projects from design to construction, aligning with the growing trend of decarbonization across the United States and Canada.

“We look at the building as a whole and try to eliminate energy inefficiencies,” he said, summing it up.

Etienne also emphasized the complexity of working in New York City. Due to bureaucratic challenges and the intricate nature of older buildings, especially those reliant on outdated steam systems, it can sometimes be a challenge for outsiders.

“In New York, the client wants to know what you’ve done in New York. Not that they absolutely want to work with a New Yorker. But they want to be sure you know what you’re getting into. They don’t want to be the guinea pig,” Etienne explained.

Despite the challenges, Ecosystem has proven its worth outside of the Quebec market, having expanded into Ontario, Boston, Washington, Columbus, and Los Angeles. With over 58 percent of its revenue generated in the United States, Ecosystem has spread its influence across North America.

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